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The Haven Green — To Whom It May Concern
(Mega Dodo B1007CD, 2022, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-06-10

To Whom It May Concern Cover art

British multi-instrumentalist Steve Somerset began his career in London in the mid 80s as part of the creative team for Kevin Godley and Lol Creme at their video production company Medialab. At that time he was living in Ealing near a green space called Haven Green and thought The Haven Green sounded like the name of a late 60s band; he even came up with a title for their album: To Whom It May Concern. Decades later and after many jobs, bands, projects, etc. he wrote a song called “Journey to the Stars” and thought, “Hey, that sounds like The Haven Green.” So the album was born. Over the next several days more songs were birthed, and within three weeks he had recorded the whole album. Released in April 2022, To Whom It May Concern is a set of eight catchy pop prog psych songs with a definite 60s nostalgic vibe. Steve has a very pleasant voice that certainly adds to the late 60s aura, along with the Mellotron that appears on a number of the songs. For me, the album’s high points are the mysterious “Don’t Worry About Tomorrow” with the lyric “The machine sucks you in and spits you out,” and the superb “If You Could See.” This dreamy melancholic song recalls 60s fantasy / horror with a mixture of trippy psych and acid folk “as Morpheus weaves his spell.” Quite a wonderful, magical, and unpretentious album.

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