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Super Florence Jam — We Always Knew It Would Come to This
(Bandcamp no#, 2011, CD)

Super Florence Jam — Super Florence Jam
(Bird's Robe SFJ001, 2009/2021, DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2022-02-09

We Always Knew It Would Come to This Cover artSuper Florence Jam Cover art

This Australian group got started back in 2005, and has released a number of recordings, but it’s only with these reissues on Bird’s Robe Records that their music will reach an audience outside their homeland. To a certain extent, their sound is reminiscent of classic jam bands like Phish, an extension of 70s rock infused with touches of psych, prog, and instrumental fluidity. Their self-titled debut EP came out in 2009 and contains six rocking songs full of catchy riffs, tasty guitar, strong vocals, and interesting arrangements. Adam Krawczyk is the lead singer, and he’s got a classic rock-screamer voice along the lines of Robert Plant or David Byron (Uriah Heep). He also plays guitar, along with Laurence Rosier Staines. The rhythm section features Mike Solo (drums) and Alex Tulett (bass), and their tight coordination underlies the songs. The whole band shines on upbeat rockers like “No Time,” and they approach all of the music with a looseness that tells you they never play these tunes the quite same way twice. There seems to be a sense of humor in the lyrics, though it’s not always easy to make them out. I’m not sure what to make of “It’s because I love you, mean woman, I’m the head of your department.” And “Marcy” gets a little funky in a James Gang sort of way. We Always Knew It Would Come to This dates from 2011, and ten years on holds its charm. Personnel remains intact from the previous release, and the party-rock mood continues with nine more solid tunes. Staines adds keyboards on a few tracks, though the guitars are still the primary focus. The word “tasty” keeps coming to mind, but not in the sense that the music is polite or predictable. The guitar tones are just right, with touches of distortion but not fuzzed out; the organ sound fits just right, more like an old combo organ than a bluesy Hammond; the changes from section to section keep things from getting dull; and so on. Super Florence Jam should be a sure win for fans of Thin Lizzy, Sweet, and other melodic bands that rocked hard.

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