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Spaced Out — Spaced Out
(Unicorn Digital UNCR-5001, 2000, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2001-07-01

Spaced Out Cover art

Spaced out. Space rock or psychedelic music, right? WRONG! Fooled this writer also... What we have here is an instrumental trio from Quebec playing some very inspired fusion of the highest order. The core of the band is drummer Martin Maheux and bassist Antoine Fafard, who also handles programming, all compositions, and production. There are two guitarists (both exceptionally good) who play on the album, track depending, and additional keyboards on two cuts, which leads this writer to believe that the disc was recorded over a period of transition between lineups. It doesn’t hurt the album a bit though — the music here totally smokes from beginning to end! A convenient comparison might be the Japanese band Kehell, or even Kenso, although unlike Kenso, the keyboard work here (actually triggered midi-programming in most cases) is limited to a support role, providing coloration, background washes, and such; it’s the guitar and rhythm section that’s really driving the show throughout, and both guitarists turn in a hell of a performance, with driving melodics, great tones and lightning solos. Fafard’s five-string bass sometimes has that punchy sound, not unlike Chris Squire on those early Yes albums, and Maheux’ drum work ties it all together nicely. The best thing about Spaced Out is that their compositions are constantly evolving and changing, which bodes well for many repeat listens. In all, this is one of the best surprises in recent memory. My highest recommendation.

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