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Space Explosion — Space Explosion
(Cleopatra CLP 1781-2, 2007/1997, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 1998-02-01

Space Explosion Cover art

While there is nothing on the back-tray or in the booklet (or even on the promo sheet that came with it) that indicates precisely when this was recorded, I'm certain that the label is banking on a lot of folks thinking that it's some long-lost part of the famous Cosmic Couriers sessions from the early 70s. Indeed this is a free-form jam super-session with representatives from some of the best Germany has to offer: Cluster, Amon Düül II, Die Krupps, Guru Guru, and two from Faust. The instrumentation is vintage, and the improvisational spirit of those sessions is certainly there, but one important ingredient is missing: Der LSD. These jams are just far too coherent to be the product of a drug-induced state; while those original Cosmic Jokers / Galactic Supermarket records were patchy at best, Space Explosion is fairly even all the way through and each member gives it their all. The addition of keys and violin (Moebius and Karrer respectively) gives the five pieces herein a stronger face and more improvisational substance. In all this is an enjoyable disc that fans of classic Krautrock will surely enjoy.

Filed under: Reissues, Issue 14, 1997 releases, 2007 recordings

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