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Simon Goubert — Le Phare des Pierres Noires
(Seventh Records A XXV, 1998, CD)

by Mike McLatchey, Published 1999-04-01

Le Phare des Pierres Noires Cover art

I was very impressed by this CD’s first track, “The Wind Will Come.” It tears right out of the speaker like classic Impulse Coltrane, a remarkable seven-minute piece that had me hooked. Yet another of Seventh’s American 60’s-related jazz releases, I was expecting big things from Goubert’s new one. The title track is a 12-minute ballad in which the quintet lays out, perhaps a bit too early in the album. Both saxes get solos here, David Sauzay’s tenor sax and Jean-Michel Couchet’s alto, but when one solos, the other plays E-flat over and over, a distracting feature of a piece that gets quite free before returning to the original theme. I needed some aspirin. Well, “Organum I” will help some, being slow and foreboding, at least no screechy sax. “Cinq Minutes Plus Tard” again brings up the intensity with a brisk face and great sax solos, starting free and coming together into a great jam. “For a New “K"“ is also mellow and abstract, a bit long for its eleven minutes, but a nice impressionistic piece overall. “Campanella” closes the album, and Goubert moves to piano, a beautiful piece with some McCoy Tyner shadings. Summarized, this is a jazz album very much like many an Impulse release in format and styles, but I’d prefer more pieces like “Wind” and “Cinq.” This has high peaks, but little consistency.

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