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Sezon Dozhdei (Rainy Season) — Vozvrashcheniye (Return)
(Boheme CDBMR 010179, 1992/2000, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2001-12-01

Vozvrashcheniye (Return) Cover art

This Russian band (Сезон Дождей - Sezon Dozhdei = Rainy Season, from St.Petersburg) is one of those rare cases that simply defies classification. Mostly instrumental, in tone and spirit it may occupy a space somewhere along the axis between Meddle-era Floyd, Island-period Jade Warrior, and avant-influenced guitar based chamber styles. At the core of the band is the duo of Maxim Pschenichny (guitars, bass, keys, voice) and Alexey Petrov (drums, wood-box, glockenspiel, triangle). One might think that wood box and triangle would be hardly worth mentioning, but they do contribute significantly to the sound’s character. Alexey Zubarev plays flute, slide guitar, pizzicato guitar, and supporting guitar (track depending), and additional guests contribute guitar and voice to a single track each. The disc opens with “Scents of the Forest,” a dark, introspective piece that prominently features flute, along with Pschenichny’s treated guitars (reminiscent of the late Tony Duhig’s work in Jade Warrior) and Petrov’s wood box. “Towards a Clear Water” is a floating, shimmering keyboard and guitar-based piece with subtle vocalizing, where triangle and bell-trees contribute heavily to the primary percussion instruments. “Red Night,” a 20 minute multi-part suite which originally occupied the entire second side of the LP, offers a more avant and challenging sound, at times reminiscent of Starless-era Crimson, Heldon, or the Japanese band Heretic. This is an outstanding reissue that deserves your attention. My highest recommendation.

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