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Schizo Fun Addict — Fate Chaser
(Fruits de Mer Friends of the Fish 56, 2022, 10")

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-09-18

Fate Chaser Cover art

New Jersey’s Schizo Fun Addict is releasing their next album, Love Your Enemies, in late 2022 or early 2023 on Fruits de Mer Records. As a teaser, the band has produced a limited edition of 58 copies of a 10” clear vinyl lathe cut. Lathe cuts are individually produced on a special machine whose pickup works in reverse from a normal turntable, cutting a groove into the vinyl. This is a time consuming process and producing 58 copies is a definite labor of love. In addition, each lathe cut comes in a hand crafted sleeve with the same basic color pallet but the resulting painted art varies. Watch the video linked below and you will see why. The lathe cut contains three songs from the Schizos' forthcoming album: “Fate Chaser,” “Surrender Bee,” and “Following Your Heart” for a total of eleven minutes of the Schizos’ psych pop music. “Fate Chaser” is a catchy sweet and sunny pop psych song with subtle jangle guitar and vocal harmonies. The band changes the mood with “Surrender Bee,” a powerful psych prog song with a dark side and a heavy bass line. The lyric “love is the answer, but just not with you” really jumped out at me. Not exactly a positive love song. The final song, “Following Your Heart,” is a dreamy excursion that combines elements of 70s New Wave and dream pop to create a mostly instrumental track. If these three songs are representative of the upcoming album, we are in for a treat come the end of the year.

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