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Rivendell — Rivendell
((Not on label) no#, 1996, CD)

by Dan Casey, Published 1997-05-01

Rivendell Cover art

This four-song EP comes as quite a surprise. This Finnish quintet (no, they are not the Spanish outfit with the same Tolkein-stolen name) have slapped together a collection of tunes that are somewhere between pseudo-neo and symphonic prog rock but not really victim to any of the clichés of either. The musicians are all above average players, and the English vocals, while slightly accented, are well done and far from problematic. Each tune is full of upbeat positive energy, grooving smoothly to well-defined beats. The guitarist and keyboardist turn in especially spirited, well-crafted performances. This band, like it or not, are defining their territory without any ambiguity. While there is still plenty of room for growth musically, these guys aren't afraid to wear their characteristics on their sleeves, and they manage to do it without sounding tired or dated in any way. An original, surprisingly fun EP.

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