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RIP Glenn Leonard (Pojama People, North Star)

It was with shock and disbelief that I received a phone call on Friday night, September 20th, 2013 that Philly native, drummer and composer, Glenn Leonard had passed away earlier that day due to complications from a recent medical procedure.

by Jeff Melton, Published 2013-09-22

Glenn LeonardGlenn was best known for his devotion to all things Frank Zappa having co-organized and played with two of the prominent international Zappa tribute acts, Project/Object and Pojama People that also featured former members of the Mothers of Invention. Leonard was a fierce and dedicated professional who believed that the best way to present Zappa’s music was to rehearse, rehearse, rehearse and take it out on the road… the hard and the best way. He Glenn Leonardhad recently returned from another joyous live performance at Zappanale, the long running festival in Germany. In stark contrast, Leonard is also known as the founder of progressive rock act North Star who re-formed to play Nearfest in 2000.

Glenn is survived by his wife, Alli Bach, and their beloved cats.

As more of the international music community becomes aware of the tragic news, Bob Parker (long time administrator the online Gentle Giant Newsletter) shared a photo montage from closer friends and acquaintances.

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