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Pymlico — Supermassive
(Apollon Records ARP062, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2024-03-02

Supermassive Cover art

Supermassive is the seventh studio album from Pymlico, and is another solid entry into their discography. They seem pretty comfortable in this style that blends 70s jazz with touches of post-rock, funk, and instrumental chill-out music. Many of the tracks have a rhythmic base that could be called funky, and the melodies are catchy and memorable; some of the tracks border on smooth jazz, but others have a bit more bite to them. At times, Pymlico sounds like late 70s Camel having a go at jazz, with lush chords from keyboards, melodic sax, and bluesy lead guitar. They have a way of countering sections that border on sappy (to my taste, at least) with harder-hitting sections where the guitar edges closer to rock, so the album never descends into elevator-music status. One thing you won’t hear is anything edgy or dissonant — this is very accessible music that’s not likely to ruffle any feathers. The resemblance to electric jazz of the 70s does not extend to any of the excesses of that period — no rapid unison lines, no tricky time signatures (“Doppelmayr,” which cruises along with nine beats to the bar, is a notable exception), and no outside harmonic material. That being said, Supermassive is highly listenable and entertaining, and should appeal to a wide range of listeners.

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