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Pree Tone — Brekka
(Addicted Label BNiL no#, 2021, CD / MC / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-01-29

Brekka Cover art

Ukranian noise rock trio Pree Tone releasesd their newest album, Brekka, which is more of an extended EP than a full length album, in November 2020. After all, it only clocks in at 27 minutes across five songs. Continuing on from where they left off with their 2018 album Kiddy, Pree Tone presents another set of engaging motorik / Krautrock jams with a bit of surf guitar thrown in to liven things up a bit. The trio of Lune (guitars), Vova (drums),  and Serzh (bass and vocals) serve up a musical homage to bands like Neu!, Camera, and Wire. Their music grows on you, with “Invention of Living From” standing out as different from the rest. It is almost like a group of aliens dropped in and possessed Pree Tone’s souls. This tune is probably the best on the album.  Recommended for lovers of subterranean Krautrock jams.

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