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Petrina — L'Età del Disordine
(Bandcamp no#, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2023-02-22

L'Età del Disordine Cover art

For her third full-length album of original songs, Debora Petrina gives us L'Età del Disordine (The Age of Disorder), another superb collection of creative music that defies categorization. She has a distinctive way of infusing popular song forms with elements of experimental music that manages to maintain the accessibility of the melodies while her instrumentation and arrangements bring in techniques and flavors from far outside the mainstream. The dominant sounds continue to be keyboards (especially piano) and voice, with Petrina being exceptionally skilled in both areas. Nearly all the lyrics are in Italian, but I would encourage those who don’t know the language to give it a chance — her singing is beautiful, expressive, and full of joy, regardless of what mood she’s going for. Much of the time, she also adds lovely backing parts that weave around and complement the lead part. Piano is augmented by various other keyboard sounds, including electronic keyboards and toy piano; Petrina also plays guitar, joined by Marco Fasolo (guitar, bass, percussion, and backing vocals) and Andrea Davì (drums, percussion). L'Età del Disordine is a shining example of unfettered creativity combined with an adventurous spirit, impeccable technique, and the intelligence to put it all into a coherent package. It’s certainly one of the highlights of 2022, and contains many songs that will be worth revisiting for years to come.

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