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Nix & the Nothings — Here Goes Nothing
(Apollon Records AP112, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-03-18

Here Goes Nothing Cover art

Nix & the Nothings is another new Norwegian band. But instead of exploring prog rock and psych, Nix & the Nothings are rockers who pay homage to the raw visceral power of garage rock and punk. Band members are Nicolai Hervik Olsen, Andri Szarvas, Julia Flo Galaasen, Daniel Rognes, and Torgrim Kvestad Nåmdal. Not sure who Nix is, could be Nicolai, but his voice is so gritty that I am amazed that he would be able to speak after singing. I am reminded of Johnny Rotten, though Johnny’s vocals were mellow in comparison. The ten songs are filled with fuzz, anger, raw emotions, and punk attitude. Their doom-laden lyrics set to wild and furious rhythms and crazed roller rink organ are a unique listening experience. You barely have a moment to catch your breath, though there are one or two relative calm interludes. In my opinion, the best track is “No Ghosts,” with organ riffs, wall of fast and furious guitars, and odd effects that suddenly turns calm with a spooky organ riff and then swells to an almost cinematic climax. This is one very cool song. And just to show you that Nix can deliver something beyond his hoarse vocals, the closing track, “Here Goes,” is the first actually melodic song with both Nix and Julia singing in normal voices along with a tasty organ accompaniment to create an anthem-like song. Here Goes Nothing is a fun release that is unlike any thing else you will hear today.

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