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Moon Goose — La Nuit
(Fruits de Mer friends of the fish 60, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-11-22

La Nuit Cover art

Moon Goose’s new album La Nuit is a tip of the hat to Philippe Druillet and his sci fi comic La Nuit, where he muses on death in a psychedelic tale of drug-addled biker gangs battling at the end of the world. However, being unfamiliar with his work, I do not understand the connection between the comic and Moon Goose’s eight instrumental tracks. However, the first thing I did notice about Moon Goose’s new album is the alluring and captivating cover art of the young woman in the bathtub with an extremely tiny swimmer, which also seems disconnected from the music. The eight instrumentals are a step further on Moon Goose’s exploration of Krautrock and psychedelia. The album opens with “Electrolene,” with its sweeping glissando synths, fuzzed guitars, and motorik beat. Next is “The Sex Bots Trilogy” with the first part evoking comparisons to Can’s “Mother Sky,” the second part with its driving beat and Krautrock jam, and the third part of eerie synths, cosmic guitar, and Mellotron strings. Track three is “Lemon Cursed (Somnambulism)” that is far too energetic for sleepwalking with its combination of Camera, Harmonia, and Neu! Krautrock blended with a bit of Hawkwind. This is followed by the foreboding and nightmarish “Empirium,” that is one of, if not the, best track on the album. “Urban Farmhand,” another excellent instrumental, follows with squiggly sounds, crystalline reverbed guitar, and motorik beat that resolves to a tasty keyboard riff for the outro. Then “The Light Fried the Vicar’s Brain” moves on from Krautrock into prog rock territory mixing medieval dance with searing guitar riffs. Next is the surprising and unassuming “Tweakshy” that begins slow and swells to an amazing climax of shimmering chords. The album closes with “Great Halls of Broken Toys,” a heavy dark gothic take on Harmonia and Neu!  Available in multiple formats including a limited edition of red vinyl, La Nuit is an outstanding new album from one of Fruits de Mer’s stable of neo-pscyh bands, and well worth your attention.

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