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Level Pi — Elktronische Philosophie
(Timezon TZ2044, 2020, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2021-03-22

Elktronische Philosophie Cover art

It is always a pleasure to experience a new release by Uwe Cremer (AKA Level ∏) or one of his side projects. Elektronische Philosophie is Uwe’s fifth solo album, blending his love for the guitar, Berlin school electronics, and Krautrock. The eight instrumentals show a strong influence of Edgar Froese’s guitar hero days with Tangerine Dream. To spice things up Uwe included a Vincent Price sound bite from his 1964 movie Last Man on Earth on “Die Lange Reise.” “You know that they are out there, don’t you?” Plus there is another sound bite that I cannot quite place “Where do you come from? Another galaxy.” “Die Lange Reise” is a strong track that slowly evolves over its fourteen minutes. The relatively short two-minute “Intermezzo” is at odds with the rest of the album with Uwe’s laid back jazz funk urban guitar work. And the Froese influence also extends to one of the song titles “Don Quijotes Gehirn” or in English “Don Quixote’s Brain.” This track blends Froese’s “Metropolis” viibe with Uwe’s dark sinister electronics and excellent guitar, which is Uwe’s forté. The title track also demonstrates Uwe’s stellar electonics and guitar chops. And the closing track “Intermezzo / Elektronische Philosophie Crossfade Version” blends the two tracks to create a smokey lounge vibe along with the rhythmic ebb and flow of Uwe’s throbbing electronics. Overall another great Level ∏ release worthy of your attention.

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