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Le Bruit des Dofs — La Combinatronique
(Circum-Disc microcidi020, 2021, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2021-07-09

La Combinatronique Cover art

Le Bruit des Dofs (rough translation: The Noise of the Dofs — and don’t ask me what Dofs are, an acronym for something I presume, the possibilities are endless) is a French avant-prog jazz rock trio, and as far as my research shows, La Combinatronique is their debut release, although they recorded it way back in February 2017 — probably four years of shopping it around, but of course that’s just a guess. The trio consists of composer and guitarist Jean-Louis Morais, drummer Charles Duytschaever, and bassist Olivier Verhaege. The eight tracks flow between edgy over the top jazz-rock to gentle pastoral, but equally intriguing, moves that seem to eschew all boundaries of genre. The trio are fascinating and tight, and while they may hint of an improvisational groove, it seems like nary a measure goes by where every move is carefully planned and executed. Perhaps a comparison might be in order, although their crazy swirling soundworld could be compared to many others, their hard-edged jazz rock element sometimes reminds me of the Fripp-Wetton-Bruford edition of 70s King Crimson, though there are no vocals to be found anywhere, and note that I didn’t mention Cross — it would be difficult without anyone in the band who plays violin or viola, and once again this only accounts for the intense parts. The smoother and more melodic / pastoral elements could easily be found in the work of early Gentle Giant or Yes, perhaps others. Morais is clearly the band’s leader and shines throughout, turning in amazing solos and power crazed jagged rhythmic gymnastics. Duytschaever and Verhaege are no slouches either, keeping up the most intense and crazy rhythms. Like their website says (translated) “A music that takes (the listener) in a hellish spiral, Le Bruit des Dofs is the noise of the world and the mess in our heads.” I couldn’t have said it any better.

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