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Lard Free — Unnamed
(Spalax 1491, 1972/1997, CD)

by Mike McLatchey, Published 1999-01-01

Unnamed Cover art

This album is an unreleased recording from 1972 that predates all prior Lard Free releases, one that holds very little in common with the strange electronic experiments that would come later in the 70s. This album holds more in common with free jazz, and the presence of vibraphonist Robert Wood (this album is very close to Wood's debut Tarot), sax, guitars, and organs gives this a sound that is closer to the jazz and sounds of the 60s than it is with the 70s French progressive legacy. A close analogy to this album would be found in the music of Limbus 3, due to the scuttling Frith-like guitars and unusual instrumental manipulations. The squawking sax dominates the first half of the album, making much of it sheerly unlistenable. As the album progresses there are some more composed moments, yet this is overall an album of free exploration and would only be of interest to listeners of such dubious monuments as Coltrane's Om.

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