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Land of Chocolate — Unikorn on the Cob
(Bandcamp Slipt Disc SDR12400, 2001, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2001-07-01

Unikorn on the Cob Cover art

Combining a strong melodic base and solid pop sensibilities with touches of metal and multi-part harmonies, Land of Chocolate creates a song-oriented progressive rock that should find wide appeal both among the purists and fans of a more modern sound. When this writer initially popped the disc into the player it didn’t take more than a measure or two before thoughts like “this sure reminds me of Echolyn” started popping up. Sure there are a lot of differences as well (the hard metallic edge and more understated keyboard presence among them), but when finally examining the credits it was no major surprise to find names like John Buzby (ex-Finneus Gauge) and Jordan Perlson (ex-Echolyn-Mark 2) among the quartet’s membership, with Brett Kull (Echolyn, Still, Always Almost) behind the console. Like Echolyn, their forte is in songcraft, although the aggression and urgency in the ten tunes herein slightly outweigh their purely melodic elements; also like Echolyn (and Still, et al), the multi-part harmonies are intentionally a little quirky and rough, in an alternative rock sort of way. This is definitely a promising band, and it will be interesting to see where they go from here. For now though, it’s a safe bet to say that fans of Echolyn, Still, and Finneus Gauge will find plenty herein to enjoy. Recommended.

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