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Jordsjø — Jord Sessions
(Karisma KAR, 2017/2022, CD / LP / DL)

Jordsjø — Nattfiolen Suite
(Karisma KAR, 2019/2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-03-24

Jord Sessions Cover artNattfiolen Suite Cover art

Jordsjø, the Norwegian duo inspired by old horror movies, Krautrock, electronic, Swedish prog, fantasy novels, and Norwegian nature, recorded several cassette demos in their early age as a band and then more music than necessary for their second full-length album Nattfiolen or Night Violets. They released Nattfolien Suite as a demo track on Bandcamp in 2018, and with their fans demanding a physical release, Jordsjø decided to release a special limited edition 10-inch gold vinyl record in November 2022. At the same time, never having been happy with the mix of their album Jord, they decided to give it a fresh makeover and include some other songs they recorded during that same weekend in the summer of 2016, the result being Jord Sessions, also released in November 2022. Nattfiolen Suite is a thirteen-minute extravaganza of Hammond organ, synths, guitars, and lush Mellotron passages. This dark and spooky instrumental reflects their longing for a simpler life closer to nature. Now, Jord Sessions is not a complete remake of Jord — missing from Jord Sessions is “Finske Skoger,” replaced by “I Momos Trädgård.” There is a new organ track on “Abstraksjoner” and some bells and percussion on “Se Valinors Lamper” resulting in different track timings from Jord, with the overall length album now clocking in at 40 minutes. The end result is a much cleaner sound that greatly enhances the music. And I particularly enjoy the Tolkien-inspired ”Se Valinors Lamper,” an homage to the home of the immortal Valar far to the West of Middle Earth where all of the best-loved characters of The Lord of the Rings live out their days. The enchanting music, rich textures, and remixed tracks make for a wonderful reissue that is now available to a wider audience.

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