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Jon Rose — ://shopping.live@victo.
(ReR Megacorp JR4, 1997, CD)

by Rob Walker, Published 1998-02-01

://shopping.live@victo. Cover art

The bizarre performance captured on this disc seems to float somewhere between an intellectualized and a tongue-in-cheek parody of commercialism and consumerism gone awry. Accompanied by a barrage of incidental sound effects, the multilayered collage of dialogue and commentary takes an imaginary trip through a virtual shopping mall. The performers explore ridiculously juxtaposed merchandise, organized alphabetically across the 28 tracks here, pausing for occasional diversions into eclectic songs before proceeding to the next "department." At times, one of the voices offers up witty and humorous alternate interpretations of phrases encountered in the dialogue, alluding to Firesign Theater-style comedy. In other places, the dense mosaic of avant-garde instrumental sounds and the various exaggerated linguistical embellishments render the concept of the performance virtually unrecognizable. A challenging and mildly entertaining listen if abstractionist comedy strikes your fancy.

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