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Jimi Tenor — Multiversum
(Bureau B BB 401, 2022, CD / LP / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-08-22

Multiversum Cover art

Lassi O. T. Lehto AKA Jimi Tenor is a Finnish musician who based his stage name on the first name of his childhood idol, Jimmy Osmond of The Osmonds, and the tenor saxophone. He has been releasing music since 1988, an extensive discography with this year’s Multiversum being his latest release. Now the question becomes how did this album make its way to Exposé when it doesn’t really resemble “music from the fringes?” Possibly because Jimi uses electronics and synths as accompaniment to his various woodwinds, but that is a stretch in my opinion. The twelve tracks, a mixture of instrumentals and songs, are basically mediocre pseudo urban jazz funk tunes powered by drum machines and muffled electronics. Only his woodwinds are clear. And then there is the mostly instrumental and sleazy “Birthday Magic” with the lyric “The night I saw you in your birthday suit... doo, doo, doo, doo... skinny dippin’, makin’ magic,” is particularly creepy, especially for someone his age. The album closes with “Bad Trip Good,” which is an apropos title that describes how I felt after Multiversum’s 48 minutes. Jimi is an accomplished musician, but for the most part, Multiversum is a boring album and I am not at all sure who it would appeal to.

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