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Jeff Greinke — Oceanic
(Projekt no#, 2024, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2024-02-01

Oceanic Cover art

If one views a wall size canvas painting from across the floor of the gallery, what appear to be smooth transitions of skies, mountains, facial tones, and more will change character as one approaches the work to a closer distance; in fact if one walks right up to the  painting those smooth transitions will now appear for what they really are — multicolored ridges formed with a palette knife and irregular brush strokes that appear nothing like what is seen from afar. Similarly, Jeff Greinke’s latest offering, Oceanic, on first listen seems to bear all the hallmarks of floating ambient music, with smooth transitions and variations In tone, but on closer listen — with headphones perhaps — one can hear within the sound an abundance of textural subtleties, shimmering layers, and delicate crosscurrents that form moving patterns within the body of the sound, like the waves, eddies, and currents in the water that one might encounter when diving in headfirst off the bow of a sailboat. At a distance it may seem like standard issue floating ambient music, but immediately you’ll realize that those waves and currents are rolling rushes of textural patterns coming together and colliding as they move, rock, and sway under the irregular surface of the sound, pulling up and down and in differing directions, some waves faster and others slower and together they create a rough, rolling energy that lives within these sound sculptures. The album features nine tracks of moderate length that appear and elaborate themselves in a number of ways, never overstay their welcome, and fade away before the next piece arrives. Like many of Greinke’s earlier worlks which seem to be concerned with weather anomalies and storms and such, the pieces on Oceanic follow similar cloudlike patterns, moving irregularly through time and space, floating freely on a number of different levels; the effect is at once soothing and beautiful, bursting with microtones and splashes of colors, every track differing from all the others, some eliciting warmth, others ice cold, yet others evoking myriad swells of seductive curiosity. There’s always something new and surreal around every corner.

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