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Jarguna — My Temple
(Projekt no#, 2020, DL)

Jarguna / Various Artists / Ambient Jam — Chimera of a New World
(Projekt no#, 2020, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-12-05

My Temple Cover artChimera of a New World Cover art

Marco Billi aka Jarguna’s latest sonic creation is a single sixty-seven minute sound sculpture titled My Temple, a free flowing and stunningly beautiful piece sourced from koshi wind chimes (and perhaps other other bells and gongs as well, or synthsized from the koshi source) and then heavily studio processed with reverb and synths, with added sampled background textures. The dreamy nature of the piece is intentionally mystical, even spiritual and introspective, which strongly hints at its use for meditative practices or even slumber. For a period in the middle of the piece, the chimes and gongs drift away completely to be overtaken by pure floating ambient synth washes breathing in and out with waves of color and shadows almost like angel choirs in deep space. As the piece begins to conclude, the chimes and bells begin to reappear within the sonic texture, though morphed and processed even further than in their original form at the beginning of the piece, almost beyond recognition as such. One has to recognize that Jarguna’s mastery of meditative soundscapes like My Temple offers a sublime and immersive experience.

While Chimera of a New World is not a Jarguna album per se, he did mastermind and organize all the artists from around the world into what would become an ‘ambient jam session,’ with each artist contributing, to spread a message of solidarity between many peoples and countries throughout the world during these times of a global pandemic. In addition to Jarguna’s contribution of koshi wind chimes, modular synths, samplers, loops and field recordings, Henrik Meierkord contributes cello, viola and harmonica, Bernd Michael Land contributes modular synths, Jack Hertz adds synth, gamelan and field recordings, Augustin Reyes aka Yocipa contributes half a dozen or more prehispanic instruments, Rocco Saviano contributes guitars and effects, Alcvin Ryūzen Ramos contributes Shakuhachi, Marco Cencetto offers trumpet, Rosa Criniti on voice, and several more. Obviously with this many cooks in the ambient kitchen, they can't all be playing all the time throughout the piece, which approaches fifty-four minutes, though as a result the piece goes through numerous phases where different instrumentation flows in gradually as others fade out, all in a very organic way that simmers and soothes as it proceeds, and as one might imagine, the possibilities are limitless.

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