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Jarguna / Henrik Meierkord — Tapestry Flow
(Projekt no#, 2020, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2020-06-28

Tapestry Flow Cover art

Jarguna is Italian sound sculptor Marco Billi, who creates atmospheric constructs with synthesizers, electronics, and other instruments, much of it in a post-floating ambient style and often in collaboration with others, now with about two dozen releases to his credit. Henrik Meierkord is a Swedish sound artist working in a contemplative vein, though his main instrument is the cello, and since 2005 has amassed a number of credits for film music, animation, and has released numerous albums. Tapestry Flow represents a meeting of their minds, spirits, and creative forces, eight powerful instrumental pieces that blanket the listener in various immersive spaces that conjure up visions of warm natural beauty and connect them to the soul. Textures, colors and atmospherics are blended with intricate detail, subtle electronics, occasional sequenced passages and acoustic string sounds processed in the studio environment; sometimes it’s fairly clear what is happening instrumentally but more often those sounds morph slowly as the listener is immersed in washes of beautifully shimmering cosmic spaces. The eight compositions each stand on their own, with no crossfading, some shorter than others, but at least four, including the title track which closes the proceedings, go to the ten minute mark or well beyond. One might ask, is this sleep music? There is no cadence or beat, and every change progresses slowly, almost structureless at times, so certainly it could be; however there is enough detail in all of the synth and string interactions to keep it interesting on a number of levels all the way through. A quick listen on the Bandcamp site (link below) to any of the album’s eight cuts should provide a good idea of what is in store.

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