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Hyperion V — Accretion Disc
(Spotted Peccary no#, 2023, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-09-27

Accretion Disc Cover art

A three-way collaboration between Spotted Peccary artists Ben Cox and Thomas Park (a.k.a. Mystified) and a new artist Plexus (no idea if he is one of the several pre-existing Plexuses, little information is given), Hyperion V attempts to create a futuristic sci-fi soundworld by using a variety of electronic sound sources to propel the listener forward into uncharted musical territory. Accretion Disc (which refers to a flattened, circular structure that forms as material falls under the strong gravitational force of a black hole) is very much unlike most of Spotted Peccary’s musucal oeuvre, instead somewhat cold and mechanical, borme of intense grooves and simple melodics, taking a page from Krautrock outfits like Neu, Kraftwerk and the like. Indeed many of the twelve tracks at hand sound like they could serve as parts of a sci-fi soundtrack set in the distant future, with strange sounding electronic percussive sounds leading the way, very crackle and glitchy, stuttering and snapping with both regular cadences and random irregularity, often with melodic elements and textures in a very subordinate role. At times there are spoken voices to be heard under the surface currents. While there are no hints given as to what instruments are played, one can figure from the sound that everything is pretty much programmed: synthesizers, software and drum programs. “Oumuamua” with its beautiful chanted opening has potential, though it succumbs to the same destructive sounds that plague nearly every other piece here, with the exception of the closer "Coronal Mass Ejection," an ambient industrial piece which has much to recommend. While almost every Spotted Peccary release we’ve heard to date leaves the listener with a warm immersive feeling that follows after the music ends, Accretion Disc is quite the opposite, leaving this listener nervous, disturbed and annoyed. I suspect that there are some readers out there that will really dig this, but don’t count me among them.

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