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Grey Mouse — A Moment of Weakness
(Addicted Label BNiL no#, 2021, DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2021-07-21

A Moment of Weakness Cover art

Russian psych rockers Grey Mouse have taken a turn towards the morose with their new album A Moment of Weakness. The eight finely crafted songs are an excellent excursion into American Gothic Western music. Grey Mouse has taken a minimalistic approach and constructed their songs around a reverbed electric guitar and cello. The overall mood conjures images of Robert Johnson meeting the devil at the crossroads, Jim Morrison’s Lizard King, and Gothic Western singer songwriters like Silas J. Dirge. Mikhail Kudrey’s vocals are so pure and unaccented that you would never guess the he is Russian. Various song lyrics jump out at you over the course of the album’s 39 minutes. “As I was walking through the valley of the dead,” “On the night I die, will there be a storm?,” and “Do you have the strength to leave everything behind? Do you have what it takes to burn the bridges?” provide a sense of the doom and gloom that pervades A Moment of Weakness. The sense of dread builds throughout the album and climaxes with a gunshot at the outro of the closing track “Suicide Song.” Pretty interesting music that would be right at home with movies like Natural Born Killers.

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