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Dweller at the Threshold — Generation Transmission Illumination
(Eurock ECD-2015, 1998, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 1999-04-01

Generation Transmission Illumination Cover art

I was beginning to wonder when or even if DATT would release a follow-up to their superb debut No Boundary Condition from 1996. At long last it’s here. This is not actually the title — the title is three Icons that represent each of the album’s three lengthy electronic suites. Dweller is Paul Ellis, Dave Fulton, and Jeff Vasey, on synths, synths, and more synths, respectively. While the first album represented the more random, ambient, and explorative side of their electronic vision (and they do that a little here, with “Transmission Part 1” being an excellent example), this time out the trio seems to be mining the more familiar territory of pioneers like Tangerine Dream, Michael Huygen, Klaus Schulze, and Michael Hoenig, applying plenty of their own musical vision to each of the album’s fifteen tracks ("Generation” accounts for seven, while “Transmission” and “Illumination” are four parts each). Dweller has mastered the ability to keep it interesting by shifting gears at regular intervals, moving from more floating ambient styled pieces to more sequence-based tracks effortlessly, and using a wide variety of sounds (both analog and digital) to build each piece. Those who enjoyed the classic work of the German masters will find plenty here to appreciate.

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