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Delired Cameleon Family — Musique du Film "Visa de Censure N°X" de Pierre Clementi
(Clearlight Music C8M-004, 1975/2000, CD)

by Mike Grimes, Published 2000-10-01

Musique du Film

This reissue from 1975 is a collection of six improvisational pieces that are compositions by Clearlight composer and keyboardist Cyrille Verdeaux and guitarist Yvan Coaquette. More than a dozen extra musicians help out and play instruments ranging from saxophone to synthesizer to various percussion devices. A few of the tracks have vocals, but most of the tunes are instrumental. The vocal sections have parts sung in both French and English. The album’s longest track, “Novavanna,” contains fine lyrics like “Gimme more tequila, gimme more grass, gimme more coke.” Those crazy musicians of the 70s! Anyway, that probably gives you an idea what kind of music this is: meandering long jams made by people that likely sparked up quite a lot during the recording. The album is probably most intelligible to listeners in that same state. There’s some really good sax and guitar improvs, but a few of the musicians really seem to play superfluous parts that don’t add anything to the songs. They must have had trouble keeping people out of the studio with all those trippy substances around! Even though there’s lots of synthesizer parts, the Delired Cameleon Family’s jams don’t sound much like any Hawkwind or Ozrics spacey music. They are more free-form jazz-based than those groups. There’s even a few boogie woogie sections thrown in for good measure, and the ominous choir section on the last track, “Ananta,” is pretty cool as well. Planning on smoking out with some friends this Friday night? This might make the perfect soundtrack.

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