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Deepspace — The Blue Dunes
(Projekt no#, 2022, DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2023-02-08

The Blue Dunes Cover art

This journey doesn’t begin suddenly, but floats in softly through cracks in the windows and floor vents, gently displacing all of your troubles and replacing them with a soft, creamy warmth that gradually affects a listener’s consciousness and slowly frees the spirit. Chords slowly breathe in and breathe out, colorful drifts of magical waves that encircle every moment, building on the one before it, and ultimately setting the scene for all that follow, one after another, drifting in a slow steady frequency. Deepspace is the moniker of the German born synthesist Mirko Ruckels, currently resident in Australia, who has been quite busy of late, releasing fifteen full length albums since 2007, and though I can only say I’ve heard a fraction of those, they have been uniformly excellent, tapping into that subconscious wonderworld of sound that guides the listener along on an explorative floating ambient journey. The Blue Dunes represents a glacial moving sonic sculpture that will quite intentionally alter the listener’s mood and consciousness; those dunes on the cover could be out in a desert, or at the bottom of a deep ocean, or even on some other planet, and while the stillness and calm can easily produce that inner tranquility that many of us seek from this type of music, it can also take a listener a step or two beyond that point and prepare the psyche for slumber. There are six distinct titles here, though one might not be aware when the changes take place; the transitions are so soft and muted that one just seems to flow into the next. The title track, at nearly seventeen minutes opens the proceedings, and a six-minute single edit closes the album as a bonus track. Other tracks bear titles like “The Wind at Night,” “The Memory,” “Emptiness,” and so on, all perfectly descriptive of the dreamscape at hand. Listeners who appreciate the long-form ambient pieces of artists like Steve Roach and Robert Rich would do well to explore The Blue Dunes.

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