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Claudio Scolari Project — Don't Know
(Bandcamp Principal Records no#, 2022, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2022-09-22

Don't Know Cover art

The Claudio Scolari Project is back for more adventures in trippy cosmic jazz, this time almost seeming like a full album continuum — actually there are breaks between some of the eleven cuts but they aren’t readily noticed, and the band members just push onward in this fully instrumental endeavor. The group is the same as the previous two we have reviewed in these pages, with Claudio Scolari playing drum set one, synthesizer, and programming, and his brother Simone Scolari on trumpet, with Daniele Cavalca playing drum set two, synths, Rhodes, and piano, and his brother Michele Cavalca on electric bass. Their stock in trade is a freewheeling jazz sound that in spite of all the instrumentation tends to sound very liquid, free, and sparse, with plenty of space for every player to shine brightly as the whole group navigates through their material, sometimes sounding more composed, other times hinting at the improvised, but probably most often sounding like a combination of both. Most often one drummer is playing while the other is manning their respective keyboard rig, but occasionally, like on “Fireworks” we get a full on percussion-fest (without a lot of trumpet or bass either) just to let the l istener know what they can put together in that regard. The title track is unique within the set, beginning as almost a solo piece for bass and trumpet until the piano and synths join in the fun, with never a drum to be heard over its full six minute duration. “Binary Code” makes interesting use of electronics and programming, while still offering a funky bottom end and plebty of room for the trumpet to stretch out, while “E-Walzer” sounds more improvised than most of the other pieces, moving nearly seamlessly into the funky playful electronics of “Goose Bumps.” This is one of those albums that can deliver an abundance of repeat plays for the listener before any modicum of familiarity is reached, always delivering something new and interesting.

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