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Claudio Cataldi — The Age of Nova
(Bandcamp no#, 2023, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2023-11-26

The Age of Nova Cover art

Claudio Cataldi is an Italian musician based in Palermo and one those chosen few who have been discovered by Fruits de Mer Records. Claudio released his new album, The Age of Nova, as a CD for the goodie bag at the 19th Dream of Dr. Sardonicus festival in Cardigan this past August. As such, the CDs are all gone, but the digital files are still available on Bandcamp. Though technically not a Fruits de Mer release, Claudio asked Exposé for a review. The Age of Nova is a set of nine songs spanning 28 minutes, so that gives you some idea of the song durations. Claudio plays guitar, bass, ukulele, synths, drum programming, and sings. Plus he is joined on different tracks by Aldo Ammirata (cello), Federico di Stefano (bass, synths, and drum programming), and Manfredi Lamartina (electric guitar and piano). Claudio wrote and recorded The Age of Nova over the past seven years in various locations across the UK, Australia, and Italy. The result is a set intimate songs that continue the trippy psych and acid folk music that appeared on his 2016 FdM EP Here She Comes Now. Cataldi is a master of hypnotic grooves, sometimes with a dark gothic edge. And the addition of cello on several tracks is pure genius, as well as the ukulele on “The Wooden House.” Each of the nine songs stands on its own and I find it challenging to single any one of them out from the rest. Truly a great album for fans of trippy psychedelic folk.

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