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Brannan Lane — Lost Caverns of Thera
(World Circle WCR802CD, 2000, CD)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2002-09-01

Lost Caverns of Thera Cover art

Put on the headphones and turn out all the lights, and you are there; this disc will certainly make you believe it! Lane has recreated the sounds of the cavern — first the running water, the echoey effects, and the distant sound of chirping birds at the mouth of the cave, and as we move deeper into it, the water droplets falling from stalactites into ponds of still water, and the recreation of the acoustics within. Into this backdrop, Lane impresses his ambient drifting melodies, dreamlike textures, and haunting percussive effects, twisting, floating, and bending as the journey proceeds. There are twelve titles on the disc, each corresponding to events on the expedition through the five caverns, although seriously without watching the clock the listener would be hard pressed to tell where any track ends and the next begins, as the entire piece is like one endless continuum with the same cavernous effects and acoustics throughout. The pieces are punctuated by quieter spots, and each piece conveys a slightly different feeling to the listener via differing shades of sonic density and tonal color, as well as varying textural palettes. Like all of Lane’s releases (or at least the five or so this writer has heard), this one is a suitable companion for slumber or deep chill meditation. One doesn’t really “listen” to this type of music; instead the listener must surrender to it and becomes a part of it to fully appreciate its purpose

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