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Blacksmith Tales — The Dark Presence
(Immaginifica ARS IMM/1043, 2021, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2021-10-27

The Dark Presence Cover art

Blacksmith Tales is a young Italian metal prog band with members Michele Guaitoli and Beatrice Demori (vocals), Stefano Debiaso (drums), Denis Canciani (bass), Marco Falanga (electric and acoustic guitar), Luca Zanon (keyboards and flutes), and David Del Fabro (backing vocals, piano, keyboards and duduk). Founder Del Fabro says that the roots of Blacksmith Tales go back to the 90s when he wrote many of the songs on The Dark Presence on piano, with the lyrics inspired by the books he was reading at the time. The Dark Presence is a concept album describing a journey through time from ancient Egypt to the Middle Ages of a soul in search of its inner light. To do so, the soul must face its darkest part, descending into the abyss and overcoming the obstacles encountered before attaining enlightenment. Over his career, Del Fabro has played in bands covering Rush, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Kansas, and Gentle Giant tunes. By teaming with Luca Zanon, Del Fabro was able to finish his project and coin the band’s name, a pun on Del Fabro. In Italian, fabbro means blacksmith. The music is quite lush and cinematic with dark undertones. The origin of many of the tracks is quite evident through Del Fabro’s classical piano passages. Zanon’s Hammond organ chops also augment the music. Perhaps the best tracks on the album are “Chapter LXIV,” that features droning pseudo-sitar and edgy sinister vocoded vocals, the metal prog tour de force “Possessed by Time,” and the closing majestic prog tune “Book of Coming Forth by Day.” If you like melodic metal prog, then The Dark Presence is for you.

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