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Billy Yfantis — The Nebula Voyager
(Bandcamp no#, 2022, DL)

by Jon Davis, Published 2022-09-08

The Nebula Voyager Cover art

Greek electronic explorer Billy Yfantis presents a somewhat different side to his craft on The Nebula Voyager. He’s still plying the spaceways, but instead of abstract washes of notes, he is now incorporating a wider variety of moods and techniques. After a couple of tracks of ambient orientation, “Orion Nebula” bursts out with pulsing sequences and a recognizable tonality in a variety of Berlin School electronics. The majority of the album’s 16 tracks lean toward the abstract side, though certainly not ambient. “Boomerang Nebula” is a woozy ride of wavering pitches that is hard to ignore; “Ring Nebula” is like a stately chorale echoing in the void; and other tracks are reminiscent of early electronic music like Bebe and Louis Barron’s Forbidden Planet soundtrack. Each piece is named after a real celestial object, and the listener is encouraged to look them up so the music can be accompanied by matching visuals. These relatively short tracks provide a constant panorama of change, and the variety in styles provides constant interest. Billy Yfantis is an electronic artist who doesn’t sound like anyone else, and on this release, you could say he doesn’t even sound like himself. But there is still a coherent aesthetic at work, and fans of experimental electronic music should definitely check out The Nebula Voyager.

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