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Armelle LC — L@ Dérive (the drift)
(Bandcamp no#, 2022, CD / DL)

by Henry Schneider, Published 2022-09-12

L@ Dérive (the drift) Cover art

Armelle LC (Armelle Porz Le Corre) is a French singer-songwriter, composer, and harpist. Born and raised in Rennes, France, Armelle started studying music at the age of six at the Rennes Conservatoire, and started playing the harp at nine. She began work on her debut album, L@ Dérive (the drift), in 2001 resulting in an EP called Ups and Downs in 2011, and now 20 years later we have the full package. In between, Armelle has been teaching music. The relase of L@ Dérive (the drift) took so long because she had to create a network of musicians to realize her musical vision, as well as raise the funds to finance the recording and production of the album. Each of the twelve tracks is a separate musical project with different musicians and instruments, bridged in many places by Tibetan Bowls. She recorded each instrument by itself, stitching them together and re-harmonizing the tracks. Truly an act of love and perseverance. Armelle sings and plays acoustic harps, electrically modified harps, synths and keyboards, bass guitar, bendir, tambourine, rain stick, tubular bells, and kikongi. As a vocalist, Armelle lands somewhere between Kate Bush and Björk, and even evoking a comparison to Gilli Smyth and her space whisper. The music is eerily beautiful, combining elements of acid folk, Celtic music, progressive rock, and Eastern meditative drones. Armelle is a perfectionist with L@ Dérive (the drift) being a finely crafted and quite enjoyable album.

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