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Alieno de Bootes — Unconventional Residents III
(Klanggalerie gg466, 2024, CD / DL)

by Peter Thelen, Published 2024-04-22

Unconventional Residents III Cover art

Perhaps a strong candidate for the weirdest band of all time, the Residents are nothing short of legendary. I remember putting five of their early albums (Fingerprince, Third Reich and Roll, Duck Stab, Not Available, Commercial Album) in a five disc CD changer over Thanksgiving weekend in the late 80s and playing them over and over for the full four days 24/7. That was definitely an immersive experience I won’t forget anytime soon (and it drove my family crazy). I know they’ve released about a hundred or more albums since those early days, and although I have heard many of them, it’s been nearly impossible to keep up with all the product coming out in all the years since. It pleases me to know that these guys are well known all over the world, and there are in fact many compilations of different artists doing their own interpretations of Residents’ songs, but that’s not what this is. Italian multi-instrumentalist and producer Alieno de Bootes (real name: Alessandro Pizzin) has organized the Residents’ approved Unconventional Residents project featuring himself and a cast of regular players, plus numerous special guests, doing their own interpretations of many of the Residents songs; Unconventional Residents III is the third CD in the main series, plus there is also an Alternates and Outtakes that’s only available as a download. It’s amazing how these eighteen songs take on a new life under the guidance of de Bootes, who is credited with keyboards and background vocals; the regulars include guitarists Leonardo Ceralli and Gabriele Ferro, drummer Andrea Beccaro, and bassist Maurizio Torchizo. There is a long roster of special guests who feature on this track or that, sixteen players in fact, the best known is of course Brian Poole (hint: Renaldo from Renaldo & the Loaf), also guitarist Christoph Godin (Mörglbl). saxophonist / flutist Ken Field (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic), Amy Denio on saxes and accordion, and many more. The interpretations presented herein are both interesting and engaging, taking the Residents’ material into completely new and surprising directions.

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