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Rovo is a Japanese instrumental band founded in 1996 in Tokyo by former Boredoms guitarist Seiichi Yamamoto, Bondage Fruit electric violinist Yuji Katsui, and synthesizer/effects technician Tatsuki Masuko, and featuring Yasuhiro Yoshigaki on drums and percussion, Youichi Okabe on drums and percussion, and Jin Harada on bass guitar. Rovo defines their music as "man-drive trance," and many of their compositions have a dance-oriented minimalism similar to that of Neu! or the early-80s instrumentals of Simple Minds.
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Rovo and System 7 — Phoenix Rising Rovo and System 7 — Phoenix Rising
(Purple Pyramid CLP0674, 2013, CD)
Rovo — Phase Rovo — Phase
(Wonderground WRCD-63, 2012, CD)
Rovo — Ravo Rovo — Ravo
(Wonderground WRCD-45, 2010, CD)
Rovo — Nuou Rovo — Nuou
(Wonderground WRCD-42, 2008, CD)
Rovo — Condor Rovo — Condor
(Wonderground WRCD-38, 2006, CD)
Rovo — Mon Rovo — Mon
(First Aid POCE-2507, 2004, CD)
Rovo — Flage Rovo — Flage
(Warner Bros WINN-82117, 2002, CD)
Rovo — Tonic 2001 Rovo — Tonic 2001
(Tzadik TZ 7239, 2002, 2CD)
Rovo — Sai Rovo — Sai
(Warner Bros WINN-82073, 2001, CD)
Rovo — Pyramid Rovo — Pyramid
(Sony Music AICT-1214, 2000, CD)
Rovo — Imago Rovo — Imago
(Incidental IM 0001-2, 1999, CD)

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