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Richard Peterson

Richard Peterson
United States
Richard Peterson is a Seattle musical legend, a street musician capable of playing nearly any instrument he gets hold of. His recorded career started in the early 80s, and his albums are full of eccentric music inspired by a wide range of sounds, from the Great American Songbook, classic soundtracks, library music, and more.
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Releases on file (7)
The Richard Peterson Orchestra — Seven The Richard Peterson Orchestra — Seven
(Green Monkey GM1059, 2019, CD / DL)
Richard Peterson — The Religious Album Richard Peterson — The Religious Album
(Green Monkey no#, 2009/2020, DL)
Richard Peterson — Richard's Ungreatest Hits Richard Peterson — Richard's Ungreatest Hits
(Green Monkey no#, 2006/2020, DL)
Richard Peterson — The William Loose Songbook Richard Peterson — The William Loose Songbook
(Green Monkey no#, 1999/2020, DL)
Richard Peterson — Love on the Golf Course Richard Peterson — Love on the Golf Course
(Green Monkey no#, 1993/2020, DL)
Richard Peterson — The Second Album Richard Peterson — The Second Album
(TAN 1, 1985, LP)
Richard Peterson — Richard Peterson's First Album Richard Peterson — Richard Peterson's First Album
(Kingtut 2318, 1982, LP)

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