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Lizard is a Polish band formed in 1990 in Bielsko-Biała by vocalist Damian Bydliński and guitarist Mirosław Worek. The band has been through a number of personnel changes, with Bydliński the only remaining original member.
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Lizard — Destruction and Little Pieces of Cheese Lizard — Destruction and Little Pieces of Cheese
(Vertical VKD 0005, 2015, CD)
Lizard — Master & M Lizard — Master & M
(Vertical VKD 0003, 2013, CD)
Lizard — Spam Lizard — Spam
(Metal Mind MMP CD0408, 2006, CD)
Lizard — Tales from Artichoke Wood Lizard — Tales from Artichoke Wood
(Metal Mind MMP CD0350, 2005, CD)
Lizard — Psychopuls Lizard — Psychopuls
(Metal Mind MMP CD 0235, 2004, CD)
Lizard — Noc Zywych Jaszczurów Lizard — Noc Zywych Jaszczurów
(Metal Mind MMP CD 0225, 1999/2003, CD)
Lizard — W Galerii Czasu Lizard — W Galerii Czasu
(Metal Mind MMP CD0224, 1997/2003, CD)

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