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The Groundhogs

The Groundhogs
The Groundhogs (sometimes billed as Groundhogs) is a British rock band founded in London in 1963 by Pete (bass) and John (harmonica, vocals) Cruickshank along with Tony McPhee (guitar) and Dave Boorman (drums). Among their early successes was touring with John Lee Hooker as his backing band in England, taking the band's name from Hooker's "Groundhog's Blues." By the time of their first album in 1968, Ken Pustelnik had replaced Boorman on drums and John Cruickshank had departed, with Steve Rye playing harmonica. Rye's subsequent departure left the trio lineup of Cruickshank, McPhee, and Postelnik, which endured until their breakup in 1974. Since that time, the group has reformed numerous times with varying membership, McPhee being the only constant.
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Releases on file (9)
Groundhogs — Black Diamond Groundhogs — Black Diamond
(United Artists UAS 29994, 1976, LP)
Groundhogs — Crosscut Saw Groundhogs — Crosscut Saw
(United Artists UAS 29917, 1976, LP)
Groundhogs — Solid Groundhogs — Solid
(Talking Elephant TECD 025, 1974/2001, CD)
Groundhogs — Hogwash Groundhogs — Hogwash
(United Artists UA-LA008-F, 1972, LP)
The Mighty Groundhogs — Who Will Save the World? The Mighty Groundhogs — Who Will Save the World?
(United Artists UAG 29237, 1972, LP)
Groundhogs — Split Groundhogs — Split
(Liberty LBG 83401, 1971, LP)
Groundhogs — Thank Christ for the Bomb Groundhogs — Thank Christ for the Bomb
(Liberty LBS 83295, 1970, LP)
Groundhogs — Blues Obituary Groundhogs — Blues Obituary
(Liberty LBS 83253, 1969, LP)
Groundhogs — Scratching the Surface Groundhogs — Scratching the Surface
(Liberty LBS 83199, 1968, LP)

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