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Garybaldi os an Italian heavy psychedelic progressive band of the early 70s. The group was rooted in the earlier Gleemen and later became Bambibanda e Melodie. The Garybaldi sound involved complex lengthy semi-instrumental tracks, fronted by the Jimi Hendrix inspired guitar of "Bambi" P.N. Fossati and his unusual/unique singing style. The 70s band made one original single and two albums, then regrouped in 1990 as a trio, remaining active until Fossati's death in 2014. The band has carried on since without him.
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Garybaldi — Storie di un'Altra Città Garybaldi — Storie di un'Altra Città
(AMS AMS 269 CD, 2016, CD)
Garybaldi — Live in Bloom Garybaldi — Live in Bloom
(AMS AMS 206 CD, 2011, CD)
Garybaldi — Note Perdute Garybaldi — Note Perdute
(AMS AMSLP 41, 2009, LP)
Garybaldi Feat. Bambi Fossati — La Ragione e il Torto Garybaldi Feat. Bambi Fossati — La Ragione e il Torto
(P.D.B. 2000 008-2, 2000, CD)
Various Artists — Blue Explosion - A Tribute to Blue Cheer Various Artists — Blue Explosion - A Tribute to Blue Cheer
(Black Widow BWRCD 035-2, 1999, CD)
Bambi Fossati & Garybaldi — Blokko 45 Bambi Fossati & Garybaldi — Blokko 45
(Musicando MUS 020, 1996, CD)
Garybaldi — Bambi Comes Alive! Garybaldi — Bambi Comes Alive!
(Mellow MMP 174, 1993, CD)
Bambi Fossati & Garybaldi — Bambi Fossati & Garybaldi Bambi Fossati & Garybaldi — Bambi Fossati & Garybaldi
(Artis ARCD 014, 1990, CD)
Garybaldi — Astrolabio Garybaldi — Astrolabio
(Vinyl Magic VMCD 116, 1973/2009, CD)
Garybaldi — Nuda Garybaldi — Nuda
(Vinyl Magic VM LP 114, 1972/2009, LP)

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