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Boredoms is a rock band from Osaka, Japan. The band was officially formed in 1986, although some date the band to bedroom tape experiments from 1982. The band's output is usually referred to as noise rock or sometimes Japanoise, though their more recent records have been largely based around repetitive minimalism, ambient music, and tribal drumming. The band has a vast and sometimes confusing discography, including numerous "Rebore" titles containing remixes of their material. Many band members have rotated through the group over the years, often using a number of various stage names. Singer Yamantaka Eye is the closest the band has to a frontman; his style includes a range of baffling screams, babbling, electronic effects, and very heavy post-production. Drummer/keyboard player/vocalist Yoshimi P-We is featured on most Boredoms recordings.
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Releases on file (23)
Boredoms — Super Roots 10 - Ant 10 Boredoms — Super Roots 10 - Ant 10
(Thrill Jockey thrill 221, 2009, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 9 Boredoms — Super Roots 9
(Thrill Jockey thrill 197, 2008, CD)
Boredoms — Seadrum / House of Sun Boredoms — Seadrum / House of Sun
(Vice 62309-2, 2004, CD)
Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 0: Vision Recreation by Eye
(WEA WQJL-73, 2001, CD)
Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 3 Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 3
(WEA WQJB-1051, 2001, LP)
Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 1 Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 1
(WEA WPC6-10098, 2000, CD)
Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 2 Boredoms — Rebore Vol. 2
(WEA WPC6-10115, 2000, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 7 Boredoms — Super Roots 7
(Very Friendly VF040CD, 1999/2007, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 8 Boredoms — Super Roots 8
(Very Friendly VF041CD, 1999/2006, CD)
Boredoms — Vision Creation Newsun Boredoms — Vision Creation Newsun
(Birdman BMR028, 1999/2001, CD)
Boredoms — Super 77 / Super Sky Boredoms — Super 77 / Super Sky
(Warner Bros WQJB-1005, 1998, LP)
Boredoms — Super Ae Boredoms — Super Ae
(Birdman BMR-019, 1998, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 6 Boredoms — Super Roots 6
(Very Friendly VF039CD, 1996/2007, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 5 Boredoms — Super Roots 5
(Very Friendly VF038CD, 1995/2006, CD)
Boredoms — Chocolate Synthesizer Boredoms — Chocolate Synthesizer
(Very Friendly VF007CD, 1994/2004, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 2 Boredoms — Super Roots 2
(WEA 3CS-2011, 1994, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots 3 Boredoms — Super Roots 3
(Very Friendly VF037CD, 1994/2006, CD)
Boredoms — Super Roots Boredoms — Super Roots
(Very Friendly VF036CD, 1993/2005, CD)
Boredoms — Wow 2 Boredoms — Wow 2
(AVAN-026, 1993, CD)
Boredoms — Pop Tatari Boredoms — Pop Tatari
(Very Friendly VF006CD, 1992/2004, CD)
Boredoms — Boretronix 2 Boredoms — Boretronix 2
(?002, 1989, MC)
Boredoms — Soul Discharge Boredoms — Soul Discharge
(Earthnoise EN-002, 1989/1994, CD)
Boredoms — Onanie Bomb Meets the Sex Pistols Boredoms — Onanie Bomb Meets the Sex Pistols
(Very Friendly VF005CD, 1988/2004, CD)

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