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Grobschnitt — Die Grobschnitt Story 1
(Repertoire PMS 7092-WR, 1994/1998, 2CD)

by Dane Carlson, Published 1998-07-01

Die Grobschnitt Story 1 Cover art

The ability to speak German would be a definite advantage with this one, for the liner notes are all in this language. Grobschnitt, a major player in the 70s German prog scene, have released what they call The Grobschnitt Story. Not really... I would expect a retrospective compilation with that title. This album is made of snippets, lost tracks, and live bits, and the occasional interview (in German). Who knows what it all is. A Grobschnitt fan may be able to shed far more light of the songs you are hearing here, all I can say is this is a damn good album. It's amazingly long, clocking in at 2 hours and 30 minutes, just seems to last forever. So what you get is a hodgepodge of Grobschnitt's various oddities. Not being a Grobschnitt guru, I hope to judge this album fairly. First off if you've never heard Grobschnitt before, I wouldn't  start here (though you could). Try either Solar Music Live (guitar jamming) or Rockpommel's Land (classic, at times silly, German prog).  One thing though, I really dislike interviews (of any language) stuck in-between songs, here you are cranking some music and wham! People talking! Oh well. This is definitely a completist item. I hear a piece from Rockpommel's Land, there is a different version of Solar Music, and there is some typical Grobschnitt silliness. There is a ton of great music here, as these guys can really play. You'll be singing "Drive your car down to Afrika" before you know it. If you like these guys already, you'll like this, if you've never heard them, you might like it too. Recommended.

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