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Reviews of releases for 2020

Clara Engel - A New Skin

Cover art Clara Engel is a Canadian singer-songwriter in much the same vein as Timothy Renner of Stone Breath. Her new solo album, A New Skin, has unique packaging. The CD is housed in a paper sleeve...  » Read more
(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-08-14)

Il Paradiso degli Orchi - Samir

Cover art Even though they have been active since 2010, Il Paradiso degli Orchi is still a fairly young Italian band with Samir being their third release over the past ten years. They released their...  » Read more
(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-08-06)

Mortality - Mortality

Cover art

Mortality, from Finland, is a very interesting ensemble who make their home in the jazz idiom. Tapio Ylinen is the guiding force behind the group, a guitarist, producer, and owner of the label...

 » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 2021-08-04)

Ellesmere - Wyrd

Cover art In addition to Ellesmere’s veteran core members Robert Vitelli (founder and former Taproban member), Fabio Bonuglia, and Mattias Olssen (Änglagård, White Willow, Pixie Ninjas, etc.), the list of...  » Read more
(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-08-03)

Chad Taylor Trio - The Daily Biological

Cover art

Chad Taylor’s trio is a somewhat uncommon combination of instruments. Taylor himself is a drummer, Neil Podgursky is a pianist, and Brian Settles plays tenor sax. Without a bassist in there...

 » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-07-31)

Matterhorn - Outside

Cover art

This Trondheim band was formed in 2017, though its roots stretch a few years further back, when Tommy Sebastian Halseth started writing the material that the then-theoretical group would perform....

 » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-07-25)

The Nels Cline Singers - Share the Wealth

Cover art

Guitarist Nels Cline has no difficulty assembling gifted improvisers depending on who’s available for the gig and what his mindset is at the time. May 2019 found him cultivating familiar and...

 » Read more
(Posted by Jeff Melton 2021-07-17)

Tom Dyer - Beautimus and Other Sounds of the Nineties

Cover art

I’ve covered previous reissues of Tom Dyer’s work of the 80s with The Colorplates and...

 » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-07-14)

Artnat - The Mirror Effect

Cover art

Ever since this album arrived in my review queue, I’ve been wary of what I would be in for, especially with Beldar gazing at me from Remulak. Apparently Portuguese prog rockers Artnat have...

 » Read more
(Posted by Henry Schneider 2021-07-06)

J. Peter Schwalm / Arve Henriksen - Neuzeit

Cover art

Back in 1980, Brian Eno and Jon Hassell came up with a new sound, combining electronics and trumpet on Fourth World Vol. 1 - Possible Musics into something that wasn’t jazz,...

 » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2021-06-18)

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