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Reviews of releases for 2007

Steve Hillage - Germany-77

Cover art

I'd guess if someone invented the time machine and had checked off all the more humanitarian things that might be accomplished with it then perhaps the remaining changed time stream would mean...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2017-11-30)

Magic Pie - Motions of Desire, Circus of Life & The Suffering Joy

Cover art

Following on Karisma’s release of King for a Day in 2015, the label has gone to Magic Pie’s back catalog and re-released the first three albums. In 2005 they put out...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2017-05-05)

Bubu - Anabelas

Cover art

In the early 90s there was this (I think) Florida-based label called Music Hall which was issuing rarities from 70s Argentina and would have been considered one of the earliest reissue labels if...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2017-04-20)

Fairport Convention - Liege and Lief

Cover art

A couple of weeks ago I realized I needed to reevaluate the early Fairport Convention albums — every so often I try to do this with major groups and artists that I don't seem to rate so...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2016-06-03)

Steve Hillage - Fish Rising

Cover art

McLatchey's Second Tier

There's a lot of historical information missing if you chart the evolution of Gong from You into Shamal and Steve Hillage's...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2016-02-11)

Klaus Schulze - Timewind

Cover art

McLatchey's Top Tier #23

This album had a massive impact on my teenage brain; it was often the soundtrack of many... voyages. "Bayreuth Return" is still one of those pieces that...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2015-05-07)

Klaus Schulze - Moondawn

Cover art

McLatchey's Top Tier #24

Picture Music and Timewind have been on my (top) favorites list for decades at this point, but for some weird reason it took a little...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2015-02-05)

Steve Jansen - Slope (Remaster)

Cover art Steve Jansen’s (Japan, Rain Tree Crow) inaugural solo release has been given the Burning Shed deluxe reissue treatment. This package consists of the original Slope album (plus remixed bonus...  » Read more
(Posted by Paul Hightower 2014-01-31)

Jake Playmo - My Favorite Toys

Cover art Who better to explore the concept of toys through music than someone named Jake Playmo? This is the German composer/musician/producer’s (whose real name is Jan Klare) attempt to broaden his audience...  » Read more
(Posted by Paul Hightower 2013-11-08)

Tom Baker Quartet - Look What I Found & Save

Cover art Fretless bass guitars have been pretty common since the 70s, but fretless guitar is hardly ever encountered. I suppose that's because guitars are frequently called upon to play chords, and it would be...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2013-05-29)

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