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Reviews of releases for 2002

Alice Coltrane - Universal Consciousness

Cover art

So if there is one quality that ties my various tastes in music together it would be the cosmic quality. It's a hard quality to define, but it's basically a brother/sisterhood of all...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2018-09-06)

Keith Emerson - Emerson Plays Emerson

Cover art

The late Keith Emerson needs no introduction to readers of Exposé; his tenure with The Nice, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Emerson Lake & Powell, 3, and well over a dozen solo...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2018-01-29)

Exit Kanon - Plays Jazz for Alien Individuals

Cover art

Exit Kanon is the solo project of one the Famlende Forsøk / The Smell of Incense family member, ChrispH. ChrispH has been working on and off on this music since 1985, only playing excerpts...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2017-11-09)

Famlende Forsøk - One Night I Had a Frightful Dream

Cover art

Famlende Forsøk, a Norwegian band (Lumpy Davy, Chrisph, and Brt) with roots in the industrial music scene, has been recording since 1981. But of late, due to a number of side projects, their...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2017-10-17)

Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Frozen Corpse Stuffed with Dope

Cover art

If Agitation Free shows up the sunny side, this practically EP-length release from the...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2017-01-05)

Agitation Free - 2nd

Cover art

Early 70s Germany provided the environment for a massive number of inventive and experimental albums, but the closest of these to what was going on in the San Francisco bay area had to be Agitation...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2016-12-29)

Natasha Barrett - Isostasie

Cover art

Known for their release of difficult electroacoustic music, Isostasie may be empreintes DIGITALes’ most accessible CD to date. The CD opens with Barrett’s "Three Fictions...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2016-11-10)

Blue Öyster Cult - Secret Treaties

Cover art

McLatchey's Top Tier #4

If you track BOC back to their early days you can see their strong SF Bay Area roots, but by this point in their career all of the influences from those...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2015-07-09)

Tim Bowness / Peter Chilvers - California, Norfolk

Cover art California, Norfolk was a Tim Bowness (No Man, Henry Fool) and Peter Chilvers (Samuel Smiles, Brian Eno) collaboration originally released in 2002. It was Burning Shed’s (which Bowness and...  » Read more
(Posted by Paul Hightower 2014-01-22)

Sula Bassana - Dreamer - 10 Year Anniversary Edition

Cover art This was Sula Bassana’s debut, the solo project of German multi-instrumentalist Dave Schmidt. For an album that’s only been around for ten years, this already has quite a history, starting life as...  » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 2013-09-03)

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