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Reviews of releases for 1993

Space Streakings - First Love Remastered, 7-Toku & Shakuhachi Surprise

Cover art

The band called Space Streakings didn’t last very long, with three years or so between their beginnings and splitting up, but the two albums they released, plus a collaboration with the...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2018-10-20)

Embryo - Embryo's Rache

Cover art

This is one of three Embryo albums in this tier, I had previously written about Steig Aus. Embryo could...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2017-08-24)

Kristoff K.Roll - Corazón Road

Cover art

Corazón Road is the musical diary of a trip to the Yucatán peninsula and Central America. Using tapes he made during this trip, Kristoff K.Roll processes them and combines...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2016-11-17)

Mellow Candle - Swaddling Songs

Cover art

McLatchey's Top Tier #18

This album was created by a very young band, which is amazing when you think that nearly every song on it is flawlessly executed. It's a perfect...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2015-04-23)

Strangers on a Train - The Key Part 1: The Prophecy & The Key Part 2: The Labyrinth

Cover art

Strangers on a Train was a short-lived project whose two albums were originally released on the infamous SI label. The band pretty much launched the careers of several notable musicians in the...

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(Posted by Paul Hightower 2014-03-18)

Blim - Zero / No Frills

Cover art Way back in the heady days of the early ‘90s British space-rock jam band scene there was Blim, regrettably and unfairly overshadowed by bands with bigger names who got an earlier head-start, but...  » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 2013-10-27)

Brunnen - Swoon

Cover art

<crickets> — that’s either the typical response to the question “Any Brunnen fans in the audience?” or an accurate description of the third track on this CD. Brunnen...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2011-06-01)

Guru Guru - Seven Reissues

Cover art

Guru Guru is one of the better known Krautrock bands from the 70s. In Spring 1973 they released their fourth album Guru Guru, engineered by the legendary Conny Plank, featuring drummer...

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(Posted by Henry Schneider 2008-01-01)

Ain Soph - Marine Menagerie & Five Evolved from Nine

Cover art The line between fusion and fuzak can be a very fine one, and Ain Soph walks that line like a drunken goat, stepping first on one side, then on the other, back and forth with dizzying frequency. I...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2006-05-01)

Mantra Sunrise - Mantra Sunrise

Cover art

Another brainchild from John Miner of Art Rock Circus. The bulk of the sound ekes in time with the style of 80s album-oriented rock and a leaning towards tuneful new wave vocalization. Overall,...

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(Posted by Cesar Montesano 2006-05-01)

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