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Reviews of releases for 1987

Dead Can Dance - First Five Reissued

Cover art

Since 1984, Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrard have created seven albums that stand the test of time: Dead Can Dance (1984), Spleen and Ideal (1985), Within the Realm of a Dying...

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(Posted by Alan Gunnison 1995-03-01)

Jean-Pascal Boffo - Carillons

Cover art A most welcome reissue of one of Musea's finest releases ever, Jean-Pascal Boffo's second LP from '87. In the 70s, he was the guitarist with a Genesis inspired group called Mandragore, which later...  » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 1994-10-01)

Musicante (Guillermo Diego Ensamble) - Sonoridades Mexicanas

Cover art While not exactly a reissue, this compilation by Guillermo Diego y Musicante includes all of the material from their 1987 album A los Cuatro Vientos, plus two tracks from 1982's Buscando...  » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 1994-08-01)

Djam Karet - The Ritual Continues

Cover art

Imagine a sound with the force and power of mid-period King Crimson, the fluidity and spaciness of Pink Floyd, and the percussive power of Peter Gabriel's Security. Throw into that mix...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 1993-10-01)

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