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Reviews of releases for 1987

Bill Nelson - Chance Encounters in the Garden of Lights

Cover art

Since disbanding Be Bop Deluxe, Bill Nelson has maintained a two-pronged solo career, with some releases being song-oriented and others in the vein of atmospheric instrumental music — rather...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2018-05-12)

Todd Rundgren - Hermit of Mink Hollow + Healing + The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect

Cover art

By the end of the 1970s Todd Rungren had done it all, honing his guitar and compositional chops with The Nazz in the late 1960s, ultimately leaving that band to move on to production work for other...

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(Posted by Peter Thelen 2013-12-29)

The Green Pajamas - November

Cover art

By 1987, when the Green Pajamas released their masterful second album, Book of Hours, they already had quite a backlog of material that hadn't been released — songs that tended...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2013-10-07)

Copernicus - Deeper & Worthless!

Cover art

Listening to Copernicus is anything but easy. Widely varying music, everything from clattering free improvisation to sloppy renditions of "The Star-Spangled Banner," backs the crazed...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2013-09-10)

Chas Smith - Nakadai

Cover art For lack of a better term, let’s say that when we produce or listen to sounds that an instrument was not principally designed to generate, we are playing or hearing “beyond the instrument.”...  » Read more
(Posted by K. Leimer 2009-07-01)

Carol Grimes, Uncle Dog & Sweet F.A. - Voiceprint 2000 Reissues

Cover art

Upon the demise of Delivery (Phil Miller's quartet augmented by Janis Joplin stylized blues vocalist, Carol Grimes), Grimes moved off to join another blues-based, less improvisational group,...

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(Posted by Jeff Melton 2001-12-01)

Marillion - Clutching at Straws

Cover art This EMI reissue has given me an opportunity I thought was long past: to review what I consider to be Marillion's finest moment. When I first discovered Marillion, I was dying for something new to...  » Read more
(Posted by Dane Carlson 1999-11-01)

Hugh Hopper Band - Alive!

Cover art After his glory days with Soft Machine, Hugh Hopper went through some lean times (musically at least), until the mid to late 80s, when he hooked up with a crew of Dutch musicians for a number of tours...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 1999-11-01)

Synergy - Semiconductor, Release 2 & Metropolitan Suite

Cover art

In 1986, the first era of Synergy releases came to an end with Metropolitan Suite, which in some ways is the culmination of Larry Fast’s original musical vision. That does not make...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 1999-04-01)

Jan Akkerman - Pleasure Point, From the Basement & Heartware

Cover art

Hux records, the offshoot of the extinct BBC archives label Windsong, has now branched off into re-master heaven with a series of 80s releases by ex-Focus master guitarist Jan Akkerman. With each...

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(Posted by Jeff Melton 1999-04-01)

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