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Reviews of releases for 1969

Grateful Dead - Fillmore West 1969

Cover art

McLatchey's Second Tier

OK, here's one of the few items I'll be covering that I don't actually own a copy of. Some years back when the Grateful Dead vault keepers...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2016-03-17)

The Soft Machine - Volume Two

Cover art

McLatchey's Second Tier

One thing's for sure, no one ever sung the alphabet with the kind of humor and musical brilliance as Robert Wyatt did on the band's second...

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(Posted by Mike McLatchey 2015-10-15)

The Merchants of Dream - Strange Night Voyage

Cover art Blame it on The Beatles and Sgt. Pepper’s. In the wake of that landmark concept album, everybody and their brother was trying to get in on the concept album thing, from The Beach Boys to...  » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 2013-11-17)

Blodwyn Pig - Ahead Rings Out

Cover art Perhaps one day this classic by the Jethro Tull offshoot led by original guitarist Mick Abrahams will get a proper reissue, but until then this latest remastered version from EMI will have to do (and...  » Read more
(Posted by Peter Thelen 2007-03-01)

John Surman - Way Back When

Cover art John Surman (saxes), John Marshall (drums), John Taylor (electric piano), Brian Odgers (bass guitar). For many readers, that list alone puts this on the must-have list. Throw in the recording date of...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2006-05-01)

Apple - An Apple a Day

Cover art

Here we have the long-awaited CD release of one of the most collectible LPs of British psychedelia. Those of us who can’t shell out hundreds of dollars (or pounds) to hear the original can...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2006-05-01)

The Collectors - The Collectors & Grass and Wild Strawberries

Cover art

The Collectors hailed from Vancouver, Canada, not exactly a hotbed of the worldwide psychedelic scene, which maybe helps explain why they didn’t make a bigger impact. Their two albums, though...

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(Posted by Jon Davis 2005-09-01)

Tasavallan Presidentti - Tasavallan Presidentti, Lambertland & Milky Way Moses

Cover art

The first eponymous album Finnish band Tasavallan Presidentti recorded was a cross between folk, blues, and jazz-rock with pop influences. A really diverse album with an immaculate rendition of the...

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(Posted by Roel Steverink 2005-03-01)

Music Emporium - Music Emporium

Cover art Music Emporium’s self-titled 1969 album is one of the rarest gems of the late 60s LA psychedelic scene, with only 300 copies originally pressed and an elaborate die-cut sleeve. Unlike some...  » Read more
(Posted by Jon Davis 2005-03-01)

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